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The Woman in the Window- A.J. Finn

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating 8/10

This is a very strong 8/10! Great book. My lovely kiwi friend Suzy (Hi Suz!) in New Zealand recommended this book when I asked her what I should add to my reading list. (I love having friends overseas) I believe her exact words when describing this book were 'it blew my mind!' Suz, this novel did not disappoint! It's also a bestseller in like EVERY major city so I just had to check it out myself.

The woman in the window follows a woman named Anna Fox, Dr Anna Fox to be precise. She 'was' a child psychologist, now she spends most of her time in her brownstone, Harlem NYC house. She hasn't left the house in 10 months due to a traumatic past experience and she's too terrified to step foot outside. She spends her days on online chat groups, popping various and numerous prescribed pills lost in her memories like a ghost, as well as drinking an excessive amount of Merlot on a daily basis. Her only lifeline to the outside world is her window, where she spends all her time watching her eclectic neighbours. One evening, she hears a frightening scream and thinks she's witnessed a murder in one of her new neighbours' house that no one else sees. We don't know if Anna's judgement can be trusted, did she actually see what she thought she did? If she did, would anyone believe her? Can she even trust herself? Or is it all a product of her overactive imagination.. (cue mysterious music dun dun Dunn! 👀)

This book is the true definition of a psychological mysterious suspense thriller. Wowza! Everything I love in a book like this. What a thrilling ride it takes you on! It does take it's sweet time to get going but once it does, boy oh boy. It's fast paced, wild, vivid, a crazy page turner, very addictive and so very hard to put down. I liked the main character too in it, I didn't find her as annoying as the one from 'The girl on the train', you really get a good sense of where Anna is coming from and the character development is ace. I also have to give props for the cover of this book, it's gorgeous. (The one with the ladder and brick wall) I read it in paperback and was totally mesmerised by the colours and mood of the book cover. Very mysterious.

I also loved how well this book was written. Thing is, in this sort of genre, you tend to get some very simple 'page turner' writing. But this was a whole other level...I absolutely loved the writing style of this book. Very beautiful, & quite intellectual. You can tell the author is a big film buff because there are a lot of references to some amazing old classic noir films and a lot of famous lines too from them. The dialogue really toys with your mind and it's very playful, it keeps you on your toes. Kudos! I was impressed. This book was basically a homage to Hitchcock, it had some real 'Rear Window' vibes about it, as well as referencing a few of his hit movies.

I loved this book. This is definitely one to read if your after a great psychological thriller with an intellectual twist. Also if your an old classic noir film buff (especially Hitchcock) then this one is definitely for you too! Great debut from A.J. Finn. He's one to watch out for.

FYI- this book is soon going to be a movie starring Amy Adams, that's how good it was. A total thrilling ride, and I can definitely see it being a huge hit at the movies! So vivid. Loved it. Dare I say- 'It blew my mind!'

Check out The Woman in the Window for yourself on Amazon books HERE

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