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The Wedding Bees- Sarah-Kate Lynch

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating- 7/10

A pleasant, and cosy read indeed.

I was in the mood for an easy romance novel this time and was given this book by the wonderful & kind Nadine, this book really suits your personality by the way! Thank you so much for lending me this warming story.

The Wedding Bees is a novel about love, manners and bees. A feel good old fashioned & sweet romance. It follows Cheri-Lynn 'Sugar' Wallace, a lady who moves to New York City with nothing but her trusty beehive, good manners and a secret past. Each spring Sugar Wallace packs up her bags, bees and moves to a different city to make a new start, sort of becomes a tradition. Her travels eventually take her to New York City, where life slowly begins to change for her there and she begins to face the secrets of her past. She inherits a beehive from her late grandfather and nurtured them so much so that her bees have become her way of life. She travels with them year after year and they depends on her as much as she depends on them. She makes a living off their honey making up all kinds of quirky concoctions from various honeys, to creams, and lip balms. It's so lovely.

Sugar Wallace is a southern girl born & raised in Charleston, South Carolina, which makes this book extra cosy and warming. Being from the south she's inherited good manners that she takes along with her wherever she goes, as well as spreading it to her fellow neighbors. We often forget about manners, especially if your from a big city, so it was nice to be reminded of that. She falls in love with her new surroundings & neighbours at 33 Flores street in the East Village, and even falls for a handsome & caring man along the way. This is a charming tale about love, letting go of the past, overcoming life's obstacles and opening your heart and soul to new adventures, and of course the sweet sweet magic of honey!

I really enjoyed reading this novel, it made me feel all snuggly and warm inside. It fills your heart with nothing but feel good feelings and would definitely recommend it especially if your a lover of bees and all things bees related! I learned quite a lot about bees just by reading this book. It's got a great love story in it and it's about friendship and family too.

Easy, light to read and great to take as a holiday read or even just sitting under the warm sunshine at home with a glass of wine. It'll definitely leave a smile on your face after you've read it.

*Fun Fact- Bees perform a task that is vital to the survival of agriculture: pollination. In fact, one third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Simply put, bees keep plants and crops alive. Without bees, humans wouldn't have very much to eat. 🐝

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