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The Summer House by the Sea- Jenny Oliver

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating- 5/10

Total summer read. That's how I'd describe this book. It was delightful and had a touching heartfelt story. It made me want to be on holiday so bad & lounge on a sun bed sipping sangria by the beach. Bliss.

It took a while to really get into the book, but once you hit the middle of it then your in for a joyous ride to the end. It follows a lady called Ava who goes to her recently deceased grandmother's summerhouse in Spain. She discovers her own past and gets more in touch with herself and gets closer to her family, there's also a sweet love story mixed in there too. I also loved how much food was a big part of their lives, and enjoying simple homemade food that feeds the soul. This book focuses on finding the real meaning to life and enjoying every minute of being alive and happy. Basically the YOLO philosophy. It had a lovely (kinda cheesy) ending too which I liked.

Not the most gripping book to read, but just generally an easy Summery type of book, hence the halfway rating. Although I gotta comment on the cover of the book, it's so damn pretty.. :)

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