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The Mistake I Made- Paula Daly

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating- 6/10

I liked the look of this book, and chose to read because it had a touch of 'indecent proposal' to it, from that 90s movie with Robert Redford and Demi Moore. Where he pays to have one night with her.. so I was drawn to the idea and the story behind this book. The lack of sex scenes was kinda disappointing but it's super easy to get into, I was gripped to the characters soon as I started reading it, it was interesting to see the choices and reasons why the main character Roz, chose to do what she did and I could understand why she had to do it. It touched a lot on human mistakes and the trouble we can get into, in terms of debt and trying to survive with not much to go on. The book had a good twist at the end which you could sort of see coming so I wasn't as surprised by it, but still an okay twist. The last few chapters were very readable, the main character was sometimes annoying but you either like her or you don't. All in all it was an okay read, good fast read, nice ending too, and very realistic people type of book. You could relate to a lot of the situations they were in. Liked it.

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