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The Cherry Tree Cafe- Heidi Swain

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating- 7/10

I gotta take a minute and just appreciate how pretty this book cover is. Isn't it just so gorgeous! I literary read it because of the super pretty title, it's font and the super pretty illustration.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was such a pleasant read. Just so pleasant! The story was about a girl who moves back to her hometown after leaving the big smoke (London), and ends up opening a cafe with her childhood friend, and she obviously falls in love with her high school crush. It's just delightful, i also liked that it was also a crafty book, in the sense that the main character liked to sew and do a lot of crafty hobbies which she turned into a business. Right up my alley, I really enjoyed reading this book, totally gave me feel good vibes and it had a great ending too with heartfelt emotions.

The book cover definitely does justice to the story !

So worth a buy! Get yours HERE on Amazon Books.


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