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The Call of the Wild- Jack London

Rating- 10/10

Y'know, for a book that is only 125 pages long it really packed a punch! This is a really great book, I was not expecting that at all. I actually thought it would be an easy read and sort of a softer adventure story but it was the total opposite. It went straight to the point and I soon realised this wasn't going to be an easy read. It's a very vivacious, rowdy, bold book.

I liked the the way the story was told, as if someone was telling us the story of Buck, the dog in the book. I could totally picture an old man reading it aloud to me, like Morgan freeman or someone who is wise. At times it was really hard to read this book because it was so raw, and you felt sorry for the dogs in it, also it was gruesome and gory too at times. Which was so unexpected. The story itself is so amazing, about this dog that was taken away from it's comforting world and thrown into the harshness of a cold wilder territory in Yukon, Canada. Buck learns how to embrace his true self in the end of the book and you follow him through this crazy epic journey and shows us how he got to be the amazing dog that he is in the end.

Such a riveting story, I really really liked it! It's all about life and death and claiming your place in this world, told through a dog's eyes. So cool.. I really loved this book. Such a great adventure story too and would highly recommend anyone to read it. Intense, and so real. It kinda took my breath away, I was like, whoah, wow. What a book! I Loved it.

Seriously grab yourself a copy right Hurrr from Amazon Books. Great Book!

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Unknown member
Feb 08, 2018

One of my favourite books too I love it! What a story, incredible. Everyone should read this!

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