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Swing Time- Zadie Smith

Rating- 3/10

Weird book. This was a best seller book of 2017 and is in top 10. I kept seeing people reading it too which was promising. But man, this was a hard book to read, oh boy, the beginning was so so slow! Took me forever to read it cos I was bored as fuck with it. The whole book is basically this 32 year old girl following a celebrity around the world as her PA. it kind of has no point at times, but it did have some interesting characters and family relationships as the book went on, it definitely got better towards the end, it was a political book too which made it more interesting than her just following a celeb. And mentioned a lot with poverty in Africa, but also a very materialistic book. So I was kinda conflicted by that. But again in the end, I wasn't really moved or anything, more glad to be done with it actually and move on with my life. This book was a gift and I'm pretty sure I got it cos I'm black (it's a black people book really) lol white people sometimes smh 😪

Check it out here on Amazon Books tho.


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