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Rebecca- Daphne Du Maurier

Rating- 8/10

This is a legit book y'all. What I would call a complete book. It's a slow but good burner, has great character developments, suspenseful, hits the climax and keeps your gripped till the very very last page. It's thrilling, moody, dark, twisty, gothic, and romantic too.

I completely went into this book blindfolded and had no clue what it was about or even what genre it was. I thought it would be a bit sappy and dated/classic literature style where not much happens, but boy was I wrong! My good friend Jenny Lee gave me this book to read for my blog, she raved about how awesome it was, and how she wished she'd never read it she could re- live it again. Well Jeny Lee, you were damn right about this book.

Rebecca is a thriller novel by Dame Daphne Du Maurier and was published in 1938. It's set in a beautiful fictional mansion estate in the West Country called 'Manderly', in Cornwall, England. Manderly, what a name eh?!

The book begins with an epic line that goes-

'Last night I dreamt I went to Manderly again...'
- The second Mrs de Winter.

The book begins in a smouldering Monte Carlo, where the main character or 'meant to be' main character who we never learn the name of btw, is working as a lady's maid. She's young, naive and an orphan and doesn't have much going for her till she meets the dashing Maximilian de Winter. A wealthy widower who happened to be in Monte Carlo as well. After a few days of courtship (hanging out), she's completely swept off her feet and Maxim proposes marriage to her which she obviously accepts. I mean, who wouldn't ?! She learns he has a very famous estate and is super wealthy which adds on to his charm and dashing demeanour. They return to Manderly together and thus begins the drama. Once she becomes the new 'Mrs de Winter' of Manderly Estate she soon learns the ghost of the past, 'Mrs de Winter' is very much alive in Manderly Estate. Even the long serving house maid 'Mrs Danvers' does not make things easy, and the ghost of Rebecca, a.k.a- the late 'Mrs de Winter', threatens to ruin her new life with Maxim and marriage from beyond the grave.

I'm going to leave the plot at that because you have to read this book for yourself, It's pretty awesome. I loved how the plot became better and better as I read on, there's so much suspense and mystery. This is a delicious curl up next to the (imaginary) fire in a blanket kinda book. I liked all the characters too, and included a lot of good female lead roles which was awesome for a book of its time. I also loved how crazy English this book was!! Not your average 2018 posh but 1938 old school posh. If your after a classic English period drama sorta book then add this to your list. I found myself reading this in my (American accent) brain with the poshest English accent I could find in my mind haha. They kept saying things like 'looking glass' instead of mirror, I think I'm actually going to begin calling it a 'looking glass' from now on (see quote below),

'I turned away, and began combing my hair again before the looking glass..'

and 'shan't' instead of can't. I love how they used to speak back in the day, it's oh so quite polite.

'I say, I'm getting infernally hungry. What on earth is happening to lunch..'

The setting of the book was amazing, the descriptions are very vivid and you could literary imagine yourself in that estate, it's rich in detail.

The language as well is beautifully written, it's descriptive and really gets your brain juices flowing and feeds the mind with colourful imagination. That's why I said it's a legit book, it's a strong 428 pages long so it does not hold back. It's one of those books that you totally get immersed in, like I basically was living in Manderly for the past 2 weeks with my long summer frock sipping warm tea in the peaceful garden with little jasper (the dog), and now I'm not anymore...sad times guys sad times. If you want a real and classic book to read then add this to your reading list.

Fun fact- my friend Rosie, who's English, told me that they had to read this in school and do essays on it so surely that means it's a well respected and great book. One that you can appreciate for many years. I would most definitely read this again in a few years, it's a very indulgent book indeed. Also, it's never gone out of print! Not since it was published- pretty cool eh? Do not judge this book by its cover peeps, it's definitely worth the read. Very exciting and thrilling!

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