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One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Rating- 7/10

I would like to say a big thank you to Harlequin Publishing for providing me with an advance review copy of this fab book! This book comes out today, April 9th 2019. Exciting!

I was really excited to get stuck into this book by Sarah Morgan, this is my 2nd book that I have now read by her and I just enjoy her writing so much and knew that I would adore this book.

One Summer in Paris is a wonderful romance novel based in Paris of course. It follows a doting mother and perfect wife called Grace. To celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary with her husband, Grace plans an epic surprise trip to Paris. At the night of their 25th anniversary, they go to a lovely restaurant for dinner and Grace unveils the epic surprise to her husband David, only to learn that he has a surprise of his own! He asks for a divorce, right then and there, on the night of their anniversary. Grace is so taken back with this news that it completely rocks her world, she’s so taken back by it that she decides to go to Paris alone and get away from it all. While in Paris, Grace meets a wild and fun young girl by the name of Audrey. Audrey is from London and has also fled to Paris to leave her own troubles behind. Audrey has no money and no place to stay but she manages to find a quiet little bookshop that solves both those problems, a part time job at the bookshop, and an apartment above the shop. The bad news is that Audrey cannot speak a word of french! This is where Grace comes in, by a random chance encounter, they meet and Grace offers to teach Audrey French. They end up striking a most unlikely friendship, two completely different people from two walks of life but with one thing in common. A troubled past.

This was a perfect spring/summer read. It was so lovely to read a book about friendship and also about Paris! Good god it made me really want to go to Paris and eat various cheeses with a glass of pinot. This book really transports you there in such a beautiful way. It’s quite a realistic story actually, about Grace and her failed marriage, you could see why these events took place, and I like that it wasn’t so rosey and perfect, and that in the end, everything worked out but with a lot of work put into it. One summer in Paris also reminds us to take care of ourselves, and find our own happiness, which Grace had to do and overcome. The friendship between Grace and Audrey was interesting and really sweet. It’s funny how complete strangers can totally transform each other’s lives. Grace needed Audrey as much as Audrey needed Grace, they are complete opposites personality wise, but that’s what brings them together. It’s a lovely and trustworthy, supportive friendship. I liked that it was about women supporting women. Loved it.

I have to say, this was a much more emotional and raw story compared to the past book I had read from Sarah Morgan New York, Actually. One Summer in Paris was tender, and heartwarming. If your after a book filled with laughter, friendship and wanderlust, then this is the book for you. It’s a great lazy summer read, perfect for wasting time in the sunshine with a glass of cool white wine. Sarah Morgan is really great at writing feel good, well written and easy to read stories. A great book from a wonderful author.

Be sure to grab your copy of this One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan as it comes out today!

Again, a big thanks to Harlequin publishers for providing and ARC copy of this heartwarming book.

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction.

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Reviewed by Chrissy's Books

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