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Notes from the Underground- Fyodor Dostoevsky

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating- 8/10

Well it turns out I liked this book a whole lot more than I thought I would have! It took a while for me to grasp the beginning of it, and some of it was kind of like reading a riddle.. and was trying to fit the pieces together in my brain, but once I hit the middle of the book it started to get very interesting and readable. As soon as the main character began to tell his story then it really kicked off. This is a great book, the main character is crazy, or maybe he's not crazy and we the 'sane people' are the crazy ones...he plays a lot with human behaviour, life and the struggle of being human, alive and what we live for. I really like term 'Notes from the Underground' to me, it referred to his mind and his space in this world which is such an interesting way to put it. You can also in a way really relate to the main character and his paranoia and anxiety, torment towards everything and everyone. It was so well written too with great references throughout the book from the great novelists of the past, to history, poets, and major events in the past. I loved it. Such a huge change from my trashy thriller & sappy romance books. It's a great 'Life affirming' book and would highly highly recommend it. Two thumbs up from me! 👍👍

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