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New York, Actually- Sarah Morgan

Rating- 9/10

I never really understood the phrase when describing a book that goes, 'I devoured it'. Well! Let me tell ya somethin', I literary inhaled this book! Finally understood the term, devoured, wow what a page turner this book was. At first glance I actually laughed out loud at the ridiculous title of the book and thought, hm.. shall I read this?? looked like a fun read, so why not, and boy was it! I really enjoyed reading every moment of this book, I literary whizzed right through it! Inhaled it, breathed it, flowed right through the pages. It's written like a movie lol I could literary picture the characters as if it was a rom com I was watching. It was mostly conversational which is an interesting way to write a book. It was sassy, fun, witty, very New York style, fast paced romance. And what a beautiful ending! So cheesy but so sweet, almost made me cry, almost. It was nice to read about a love story, although I don't think true love like that exists, I hope it does.. but yeah it was lovely. The characters sounded so typical Hollywood style appearances which was funny, but I would definitely read her other books too, totally loved this super girly rom com book! Even recommended it to my girlfriends ✨ Also it made me want a dog even more! The main character Molly has a very loyal Dalmatian and it's so cute in the book. But dogs are hard work won't be getting one any time soon. All in all loved it :)

Definitely grab your copy HERE on Amazon Books folks!


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