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My Inner Sky: On Embracing Day, Night, and All the Times in Between by Mari Andrew

Rating: 9/10

I was in a total mood for a self-love and self-reflection kind of book and this book definitely hit that spot! Also I'm kind of totally in love with the gorgeous book cover. How inviting and adorable is the cover though!? I want to send a huge thanks to Penguin Books for sending me this #gifted book last year. My Inner Sky came out in the spring of 2021. It's only right that I read it in time for Spring for 2022!

About ‘My Inner Sky’:

My Inner Sky is a collection of essays and illustrations that are divided into four phases of the sky; Twilight, Golden Hour, Night, and Dawn. These phases help you to navigate life’s unpredictable curve-balls.

In this insightful and warm book, writer and illustrator Mari Andrew explores all of the emotions that make up a life. While in the process, she offers insights about trauma and healing, the meaning of home and the challenges of loneliness and finding love in the most unexpected of places.

My Inner Sky empowers us all to transform every little thing that's happened to us into something meaningful, reassurance that even in our darkest times, there's light and beauty to be found.

My Review:

First of all, I have to once again comment on the absolutely beautiful cover of this book, and even more so, on all of the gorgeous illustrations that are trickled throughout this read. I adored it! As an art lover and creative person, this was one of the most visually stimulating books that I’ve read in a while. I adored all of Mari’s illustrations in this book.

The book itself is a collection of essays, and I loved how the author split the book into four main sections; twilight, golden hour, night, and dawn. It’s actually quite a clever way to structure a book, both for the writer and as a reader. In each section, she delves deeper into what each phase of the skies represents for her, and also how each phase comes with certain moods. I loved hearing all about her life journey, her struggles, her ups and downs, the little things that kept her going, and her passion and dreams. Mari Andrew felt like the kind of person one could easily relate to and she had a warm and easiness about her when reading her life story and journey. Also, the four sections made you look forward to what was to come in each phase. I definitely think that most people who read this book will resonate with at least one or two phases of sky sections in this book. I definitely did, and at times, found myself nodding along to what she was talking about.

One of my favorite sections in the book was when the author described the four seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Here is an excerpt from the Fall section:

-From the Golden Hour Section: Page 51 - ‘My Inner Sky’ by Mari Andrew

“FALL: You return to ideas you might have had long ago that now seem interesting again. Just as school supplies seem exciting again in September.”

I loved that these pages also came with wonderful watercolor illustrations. Super lush.

One of the highlights of this book to me, were the beautiful and calming watercolor illustrations that were trickled throughout this book. This was a massively stimulating book to read and look through too, and it physically felt quite hardy and nice to hold. It gives you a sense of calmness, peacefulness, hope and beauty. As a creative person and an artist myself, I loved this aspect of the book and highly recommend that if you do want to buy this book, you get yourself a physical copy of it. It’ll definitely be a book that I will treasure for years to come. I also think that the audio-book would be fantastic too!

The writing style of this book was very easy to read and I felt like the author was right there in the room, telling me her story over a coffee on a lazy afternoon. I loved that some essays were short and sweet, and others were more detailed and thoughtful. It’s a very easy book to pick up and read whenever because of the short sections between each essay.

I will also say that this book will very much appeal to travelers, nomadic types. Like myself, haha. The author is definitely a fan of solo traveling and I LOVED that! She took us on a journey to many continents and amazing destinations, and I simply loved that she is a woman of the world who lives wherever her heart desires. It definitely gave me the itch to start traveling again or to move to a different country and city and take up a new hobby! People who love to dabble in new and exciting ventures will definitely resonate with this book. I loved this aspect of her story immensely.

Last but not least, this is a fantastic book for anyone who is craving some self-reflection, self-love and mental health awareness. It's great for anyone dealing with anxiety, anyone who has a physical disability, or has overcome a difficult injury, anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider, creative individuals and solo individuals. It’s a surprisingly mindful read that sparks your inner self to question everything and to look more inwards. It was brilliant. My Inner Sky is a calming, hopeful and stimulating read. I loved getting to hear Mari Andrew’s story and she sounds like a fantastic human being! Highly recommend this book.

Some of my favorite Quotes:

-From the Twilight Section: Page 54 - ‘My Inner Sky’ by Mari Andrew

“This time of day brings a lot of uncomfortable Feelings: Regret, dread, longing. It’s not day, not evening, not the mysteriously comforting night. It’s a light purple transition that we don’t quite know what to do with. There are so many times of life that feel like a twilight – while moving, while recovering, while unhappily single, or ambivalently partnered.
This is the uncomfortable time when you’re very much anticipating the next chapter, and not exactly sure when it will be.”

-From the Dawn Section: Page 154 - ‘My Inner Sky’ by Mari Andrew

“Morning is a symbol of renewal. After struggling through a dark night, dawn eventually breaks. It may not be the tidy conclusion to the tossing and turning we just suffered through, but it’s a gift to begin again. Morning brings a sense of triumph and gratitude: We made it!
Dawn gives us the opportunity to begin brightening our future.”

Song Pick:

While reading this book, I had one artist in mind who I felt visually represents this book. I adore this singer’s quirky and delicate voice and that’s why I chose her. I feel like I wanted a song that felt like the illustrations of this book, and the simplistic and mindfulness of this book. Additionally, I wanted to be sure to pick a female singer. I chose the artist, Feist, and the song pick is titled, ‘Mushaboom’. It has a curious, freeing, and whimsical feeling to it which I like. I also feel like it’s a good song to draw or paint to. I chose this song mostly because of how the song felt in comparison to this read. Lovely, feminine, light and airy.

Genre: Nonfiction | Self Help | Essays | Memoir

Pages: 255 Pages

Publication Date: March 2, 2021

Publisher: Penguin Books


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