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Is There Still Sex in the City? by Candace Bushnell

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Rating- 7/10

Publication Date: August 6th, 2019

I would love to say a big thanks to Grove Atlantic & NetGalley for providing me with a free advance review copy of this awesome book ahead of the release date.

For most of you who don’t already know, I am a huge fan of SATC (Sex & The City), I mean HUUUGE. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha & Charlotte will always have a special place in my heart. I could also literary re-watch the show like a million times and never get sick of it. If you didn't know, SATC was inspired by author Candace Bushnell, she first started to write columns on dating in NYC and one thing led to another and boom, SATC was born. She also wrote the book Sex and the City and many other amazing ones like Lipstick Jungle, which I actually reviewed a while back, and One Fifth Avenue, and many more! She’s a woman of many talents people. Anywho, let's get to the synopsis of this legendary author and her soon to be published book Is There Still Sex in the City?

This book is set on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, of course, in true Candace Bushnell style. It follows Candace herself as she does her signature commentaries of the dating habits of middle aged men and women in their 50s and 60s. The commentaries are captured in her satirical, sharp, and witty sense of humor which any SATC fan would love. The book basically explores what it’s like to go through the dating scenes and experiences that fifty something year olds thought they would never have to do, like getting naked again, or dating apps. Throughout the book, Bushnell narrates about all the 21st century dating phenomenons that her and her girlfriends discover, like getting crazy expensive facial treatments, men in their 60s dating women 30 years their juniors, and men who are completely dependable on their wives. It’s pretty cool, she has these witty names for all of these situations like “The Unintended Cub Situation”, which is when an older woman has a relationship with a younger man, or “The Bicycle Boys”, different types on men and their bikes. It’s all about the type of life that middle aged women now have to deal with, like realizing that you now have to be single all over again, and how to handle that, as well as having the support of great friends, because in the end, they may be all you have left. Is There Still Sex in the City? looks at love and life from all angles, from divorce, marriage, children, bereavement, and all the pressures that women have to have all while maintaining their youth. It is an ‘auto-fiction’ a blend between fiction and autobiography by Bushnell, and a fabulous dating book filled with sassy commentary.

I have to say, as a long time Bushnell fan, I quite liked this book. It was a real and very honest telling of what women in their middle ages now truly goes through. I thought it was pretty gutsy too for Bushnell, as a woman in her 60s, to really tell the truth about what she faces and the pressures she deals with in this bizarre dating world that she now has to navigate through. Gone are the days where retirement meant spending your days lunching, golfing and going to crafting courses. Some of the issues these women go through are really telling of the times that we live in. There is a lot more pressure these days for women to maintain a sort of persona, to stay young, and have enough money to survive. It’s a harsh world out there. Bushnell tells these trials and stories in a really humorous way that sort of is in a way, her way of dealing with things, and also many women would identify with this sort of humor. It was great!

The negative aspects of the book were, it wasn’t as upbeat as I was expecting it to be, a lot of bad things happen to her in this book like her dog dying, divorce, it was a little grim at times which is okay, because she was just telling it like it is. But I did miss the fun aspect that she normally has in her books so that is why I wasn’t as in love with this book as I have been with her past books. Also, she complains about not being able to afford living on the Upper East Side, and I was like, erm...just move out of the upper east side? Can’t really sympathize there! I also at times felt quite detached from the book, maybe because of too many commentaries? Or lack of a specific story, not quite sure. It’s a book that would totally resonate with someone who is middle aged and can relate a bit more to it, I sort mostly enjoyed the banter in it more than anything. Some chapters were a bit boring, and others were interesting but all in all I did enjoy the book. She also always has these awesome last lines in her books so I’m glad she kept that going! I liked the bluntness of the book and how honest she was about everything, if you can’t say the truth, then don’t say anything at all, so kudos Candace Bushnell! I will forever remain a fan and will read anything she comes out with.

I would recommend this book if your in the 50s or 60s and are looking for a fun, life experience and dating book. It would be a fun read for say, a book club between girlfriends. It can also be read by other ages too, but would definitely appeal more to the older demographic. A witty and honest book from an amazing author. I also liked this quote about what Candace Bushnell said at her Los Angeles Times magazine article interview about this book:

"I wanted to call the book 'Middle-Aged Madness,'" Bushnell told the magazine. "You have to understand that in the past nobody thought that fifty-something people would need to go on dating apps and take their clothes off in front of strangers. Nobody ever thinks that that’s what their fifties are going to look like."

Big thanks to Grove Atlantic & NetGalley for sending me an advance review copy.

Is There Still Sex in the City? comes out on August 6th, 2019. Check out the links below to pre-order this book for yourself :)

Genre: Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit

To purchase on Book Depository, CLICK HERE

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