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I'm a Little Brain Dead by Kimberly Davis Basso

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Rating- 9/10

I’m a Little Brain Dead by Kimberly Davis Basso

I got to know Kimberly through instagram through our love for books, such a lovely human. She approached me in regards to doing a book review on her memoir/nonfiction book I’m a Little Brain Dead. When I checked out her site I was totally keen to get stuck in, especially because it’s based on her real life experience of her stroke! Insane right? I also thought it would be great to read a book by an indie author and I love mixing up my reading to include all kinds of authors and genres. It also happens to be Stroke Awareness Month right now, so what a perfect time to bring some light to this great cause, as well as read a stellar book by a lovely author.

I’m a Little Brain dead by Kimberly Davis Basso is a very frank and real story based on Basso’s legit stroke. It follows Basso and her experience during her stroke with her little and very brave eight year old and baby, at the very young age of 44, right through to going to the emergency room, and navigating the various doctor appointments, home life, and the eventual terrifying brain surgery to try and fix the problem. The book was written through her point of view which was pretty hilarious, but also very raw and honest, especially on such a serious and very real subject. It was also written through what she was experiencing in her mind, which was a total jumble of words, it sort of felt like you were working out a puzzle throughout the book, pretty good for the brain and was a challenging and funny read.

I enjoyed Basso’s humor in this book. Obviously strokes are no laughing matter, but I actually really enjoyed the play of sharp wit and bluntness in this book, it made it all feel almost bearable, to go through such a heavy and scary experience, but seeing it with a bit of humor makes it a little easier to deal with. It was quite a raw story, getting to go through what she went through, from being at home with her second grader, who impressively called 911, to being whisked into various doctor appointments and what goes through her mind at these critical moments. It felt like I was getting an inside look at what goes through the mind of someone who is having a stroke. It’s a mess you guys! A scary and confusing mess and very serious. It must have been so terrifying being told that part of your brain is dead. How weird! These things do happen though and it’s good to be aware of them.

This was a good read, and would definitely recommend it for anyone curious about the on-goings of the human brain during a stroke. I’m so glad I read this! I feel a little more prepared and generally more aware of the symptoms of a stroke and what to do in case myself or a friend/family member were faced in a similar situation.

In fact, here are a few tips below courtesy of Basso’s website on how you can best prepare for a stroke or any kind of emergency.

  • It’s always helpful to prepare your children in case you cannot speak or walk. Practicing to call 911 with your kids is crucial to any household, Kimberly goes through the best way to prepare your children in case of an emergency. >>Click Here for more info.

  • How to spot a stroke using the B.E F.A.S.T method- courtesy of Kimberly Davis Basso >> Click Here for her YouTube Link!

All in all this was a witty, funny and honest telling of Basso’s experience on her stroke. Fab book. For more info on Stroke Awareness month, >>Click Here

Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir, Humor

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Reviewed by Chrissy's Books

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