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I Let You Go- Clare Mackintosh

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating 5/10

This is my second Clare Mackintosh book. The first one I read was 'I See You' a while back, scroll through the blog homepage for the full review! Funny enough, I think I preferred the other novel to this one. Purely because it's not about *Minor Spoiler* domestic abuse (I normally never give out spoilers but I kinda had to so you would know why I didn't love the book as much).

I LET YOU GO by Clare Mackintosh is a fast pace thriller. It's action packed right from the beginning. It begins with an intense hit and run accident where a young boy, Jacob gets killed instantly. It then tells the story from the point of view of 3 different characters. Jenna Grey a young creative sculptor, who is the main character, Ray Stevens, the lead detective on the case & Ian Petersen a middle-aged businessman. Jenna's world has been turned upside down from the beginning of the book and her only solution is to run away, where nobody knows her name or her past. She immediately moves to a remote welsh town into a small cottage away from everyone and everything, but slowly and surely, her past begins to unravel and creep up after her. She is constantly haunted by her fears and her past life, even though she is slowly beginning to glimpse a new beginning and a somewhat happier life, the past eventually catches up to her and boom! The story then explodes into this ride of wild twists and turns.

I have to say, for me personally, a humongous lover of plot twists, I actually did not see the main twist coming AT ALL! I do have to give props to Clare Mackintosh for that. I had to go back and read some chapters cos I was like, wait, what?! Haha Although, that being said, I wasn't as surprised at how the actual story turned out, you'd know what I mean if you read the book. So for that fact, I had to give it a few less points than I wanted to. After numerous years of reading various psychological thrillers, my tolerance for domestic abuse based thrillers has gone down significantly. I just can't take it anymore, it's too painful to read and I end up not enjoying the book as much. That's not to say that this book wasn't great, but as soon as it went down that road I pretty much lost interest in it, but I did have to finish it to see how the story ended.

Clare Mackintosh is a great writer, she really knows how to capture the audience and tell a gripping story. I'll admit that I was gripped throughout the book, minus the domestic abuse parts. It was a good read. Also if you are a crime lover or like cop based books then add this to your list! Fun fact* Clare Mackintosh used to be a Police Officer in real life so she really does know her stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed the cop banter in it and the legit police talk too. I also liked that there were 3/4 main characters in this book which meant for a pleasant easy read. Where you can truly get to know each character and their point of view throughout the book.

My friend Rosie absolutely loved this book and I'm glad I read it too as it was a best seller and had also read her other novel, ' I See You' which I liked. If your a lover of action packed plot twists, psycho thrillers and crime based books, grab yourself a copy of this book. It's totally worth the read. It also received a huge ton of positive reviews online so it's defo one for thriller lovers.

Click Here for an Amazon link to 'I let you go' by Clare Mackintosh.

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