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Big Little Lies- Liane Moriarty

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating- 9/10

Loved it ! What a great unputdownable read. I was given this book by my sassy friend Rosie, who travelled around Australia and picked this up on her travels, it even had the little Australian dollar sign on it (as you can see on the pic)! She really raved about it so I thought, okay why not! Seeing as it's now a popular TV show (which I haven't yet watched), thanks Rosie!

If you don't already know, this book is the inspiration for the HBO series of the same name, starring Reese Witherspoon & Nicole Kidman, amongst other great actors in the show. The book itself is based in Australia on a quaint close knit beach side town where everyone knows everyone. In the TV series, it's actually based in LA which is an interesting concept.

The book mainly follows three women who all have children and are living on this small idealistic beach side town where their children all attend the same pre-school. It takes you on a journey into their daily lives and struggles that they all go through. Everything from pre-school playground dramas, affairs, marriages, infidelity, social status, and domestic abuse. The writer really plays all the characters amazingly well in this book and they are all very believable. I especially loved the dark and witty humour of this book. It had so many layers and even though there is a murder and it's essentially a crime, dramatic book, it's pretty damn hilarious throughout the whole book. It's written amazingly well and all the various characters play a strong role in the book, which would make for great television!

I really enjoyed the quirky narrations of the various characters in this book, and I felt that they perked up the heavy feeling you can often get when reading a murder or domestic violence type of book. Y'know I love a good plot twist so I really did not see that coming at the end of the book, and totally loved it! It kept me guessing throughout the whole book and it's definitely worth reading till the end for it.

This is a strong, female driven book that showcases the troubles that married women often go through, as well as women in general, and being accepted in society. So I did like that aspect of it. Having said that, the only negative comment I would make is that it is for 'yummy mummies', and that kind of 'well off', privileged family world, which I can't personally relate to lol, but that does not take away from how much I enjoyed reading it!! So much drama! Hence my high rating above ;)

I'm now definitely tempted to watch the show and see the characters played out by actors, I hope they do justice to the book characters and story. Even though the show is weirdly based in LA ! As they say in the book: 'Oh Calamity!'

Click here for your very own copy ey?!

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Vikki T
Vikki T
Mar 05, 2018

Hello Doll!!!! Can't get over how in sync we are, lol! That being said the author did a great job of having us understand each woman's point of view and why it mattered in the end. I agree with you and it was cleverly written and even some scenes were funny. I really enjoyed this book and you should read the husband's lie by the same author:) xxxx


Ms Martha
Ms Martha
Feb 19, 2018

Your review has got me curious and I will start on the series tonight.


Unknown member
Feb 18, 2018

I watched big little lies and really enjoyed it. would love to read the book from your review it sounds like its pretty true to the book.

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