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Behind Her Eyes- Sarah Pinborough

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Rating- 6/10

It's been a minute since I've read a psycho mystery thriller so I had to throw it back my old fav genre. I had this best seller book on my shelf for ages and it totally promised to have the most 'shocking ending' according to the book cover so I was sold.

Behind Her Eyes follows three main characters. Louise, a single mom who is a secretary and lives through her everyday routine life with no excitement, until she meets a dashing man named Daniel while randomly out at a bar. They totally hit it off and end up kissing at the end of the night, which Daniel immediately said was a big mistake. Daniel is a married man, he is married to the gorgeous Adele and together they look like the most ideal couple. After that fateful night at the bar, Louise goes to work the following Monday and meets her new boss Daniel, the same Daniel from the bar the night before (Awkward). Later on, Louise bumps into Adele at a coffee shop, and soon becomes friends with her.

Adele and David look like a picture perfect couple to Louise, but soon Louise realizes that David is controlling and Adele is afraid of him. The more Louise spends time with David and Adele, the stranger their secrets get. She knows that something is very wrong in the marriage but she can't quite guess what it is and why.

I don't want to give too much away just because this book has quite a few twists.

I have to say, I would actually almost classify this book as a fantasy genre, it definitely gets a bit wacky in the end where I almost can't believe it. It was a different plot to what I was expecting. That being said, I did not see that 'shocking ending' coming at all! It was crazy actually. But yeah an interesting one for sure. I think people would either like it or hate it! It was a gripping read and the more you read, the more you wanted to know where the heck this story was going. I also didn't like Louise, the main character that much. She's clearly not very smart lol or too gullible, and I'm the most gullible person ever! I found myself screaming at her with her decisions during the book, she totally annoyed me.

All in all, it was an OK/good book, the fact that it was more fantasy/paranormal I think is why I didn't love it. Where I'm more of a psycho plot twist/thriller book fan. Not the best I've read but also I didn't hate it. It got a lot of hype on the best seller list so it is worth reading if you wanna take that risk.

To check out Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough for yourself, CLICK HERE for an Amazon book link.

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